Monday, August 8, 2011

RADIO! (and other stuff)'s been an exciting last couple of months for us!  We've been recording and mixing in the studio with Conrad Uno whenever our work schedules allowed.  And on Saturday (August 6th) we got some major airtime on Olympia, WA's 96.9 The Sound station.  We had gone in to interview and play some songs live in their studio on the acoustics (we did some wingin' it as we rarely practice stuff in an acoustic format) and two of our brand new songs aired on the radio for the first time!  Needless to say...we were all stoked when we got to go online to their site and stream live our little in-studio session, and then hear our two new favorite tracks (Dead Seasons and March of the Troll...soon to be released on our new album in the fall) get played on the radio for all to hear.
Twas wonderful.

And now...we are getting these tracks professionally mastered (whereas before, I made an attempt at mastering them myself and well...I think I'll just leave mastering to the professionals).  So in a few days we will put a couple of these brand new tracks online for all to hear in anticipation of our new record.


(I'll be putting up photos and videos from recording and stuff soon)



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