Thursday, March 8, 2012

KISW Loud & Local band of the week!

We're going to be BJ Shea's loud & local BAND OF THE WEEK!!!  We are truly honored!  So tune in this weekend (3/9 and on)!  You'll hear snippets of our songs interspersed throughout BJ's show Friday morning, hear mention of us on Saturday night, and then hear some full tunes on Sunday night during the Loud & Local show.  It's rad!  We're stoked!  Thanks KISW, Jolene, and BJ guys rock!

Tune in with us!
-The Willow Collective

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



And they look and sound BEAUTIFUL with artwork that folds out and lyrics printed on the inside.
We have the physical cd's for sale for $10 at

So go to  And get one for yourself!  And your mother!  And cousin!  And for your dog and cat!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today we are off to Tacoma!  We'll all be cramming ourselves into a little Honda, getting all smooshed and cozy in the little seats, and making our way southward.  Why, you ask?  We're going to interview on the air for NWCZ radio!  We'll be talking about our new album and other such awesomeness.  It shall be a splendid time for all.

So tune into at 9pm tonight (Sunday 2/19) to listen to us yammer about our music and then potentially hear some of it on the air.  Or if you miss it, you can explore previous podcasts at  We are in the first section of show 143.

So check it out! we come!


Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yeeha!  Today we went in to Black Belt Mastering and finished mastering all of the tracks of our new album, "underground sky soaring thunder".  Levi is a black belt of the audio.  It sounds magical.  It is now up for your listening/downloading pleasure at our website.

Enjoy!  And look for the hard copy soon which will feature fantabulous artwork by Dave Peixoto.

Every rocking,

The Willow Collective

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Willow Collective ON THE AIR at 96.9 The Sound!

For all of you who weren't able to catch is us live on the radio at 96.9 The Sound in Olympia, WA!  We interviewed, played one of our songs live acoustic, and debuted two brand new recordings for our up and coming album!  25 minutes of collective willows all over the airwaves...yeah!  (You'll have to pardon the bits of background noise.  I recorded this by putting a microphone to my computer at one point you hear us hollering in the other room.)  CHECK IT OUT!

Hope you enjoyed it!  Tell your friends to listen in!

-The Willow Collective

Monday, August 8, 2011

RADIO! (and other stuff)'s been an exciting last couple of months for us!  We've been recording and mixing in the studio with Conrad Uno whenever our work schedules allowed.  And on Saturday (August 6th) we got some major airtime on Olympia, WA's 96.9 The Sound station.  We had gone in to interview and play some songs live in their studio on the acoustics (we did some wingin' it as we rarely practice stuff in an acoustic format) and two of our brand new songs aired on the radio for the first time!  Needless to say...we were all stoked when we got to go online to their site and stream live our little in-studio session, and then hear our two new favorite tracks (Dead Seasons and March of the Troll...soon to be released on our new album in the fall) get played on the radio for all to hear.
Twas wonderful.

And now...we are getting these tracks professionally mastered (whereas before, I made an attempt at mastering them myself and well...I think I'll just leave mastering to the professionals).  So in a few days we will put a couple of these brand new tracks online for all to hear in anticipation of our new record.


(I'll be putting up photos and videos from recording and stuff soon)



Monday, May 30, 2011


Hi Everybodies!  Obie here!

So we have some exciting news...we have begun the recording process for our first full length album!  We started out by recording with Conrad Uno of Egg Studios last Sunday, May 22nd and shall be going in to finish up and mix six tracks on...tomorrow!  This of course isn't the end of our album process...we still have other songs we're going to finish writing and record a bit further down the road, but as for now, we're focusing on these six.  They contain some redone versions of some old and a couple of brand new amazingly epic songs which we are very proud of and super-stoked about.
So far recording with Conrad is great!  Rather than recording each part separately and then overdubbing each instrument individually afterwards, we get to play all together, in a more live fashion.  We separate the guitar amps from the drums so the sound won't bleed together too much, but we're still recording in a way that real bands playing all together in room (no click tracks or auto-tune for us!).  It gives it a nice warmth and stays true to how we actually sound as a band, which is important to us since most modern recordings sound very clean, but very far from being true to the real sound of a group or artist.
Anyway...we're pretty stoked and there will be more chapters to come in this book.  Just thought we should let the peoples of the internet know what we've begun.  Pics and video soon to come.

Thanks for tuning in,

-The Willow Collective